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Freesat brings you over 140 great digital TV and radio channels. Favourites like BBC One Two Three & Four, ITV, ITV2, ITV3, CH5 More 4 and Film 4 are all yours, with no contract and no monthly bills.

Plus Freesat offers HD from the BBC and ITV at no extra cost.

What is Freesat?
Freesat was set up to ensure that everyone can access the best of free digital TV, no matter where they live in the UK. Freesat is a not-for-profit company owned by the nation's two most popular broadcasters, the BBC and ITV.



Digital has now arrived .All transmitters have fully completed their adjustments . That means that the reception you are now getting is all your current equipment is capable of giving you. So where ever you live from Felixstowe to Needham aerials are as important as the television for giving good reception.

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Quality TV pictures do not need an expensive aerial! But they do need the correct aerial, cable and accessories to provide reliable viewing on all channels all the time. With digital compatible TV aerials fitted with a balun to match the cable impedance (sorry about the tech , but a balun can help)  excellent results can be obtained.

We only use cable that meets the benchmarking tests results that are required by the agreed industry standard. Aerials have also been tested to set a similar quality standard. We can supply a range of aerials to suit all locations that receive a suitable TV or Radio signal. (Even the best aerial in the world cannot produce good results with no signal to start with!).

Just moved home and require Sky  reinstalled then why  not give us a call.

Have you been told by Sky t hat they  are unable to get a signal.Then we could help,we have succeeded where others have failed.

Sky dish fitted in an unsightly position we could re site it in a less conspicuous position.

We are able to link Sky around the house even to the summer house etc.


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